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Medicine Policies


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee

Policies Relating to the Management of Medicines

Policies relating to the management of medicines, and the terms of reference of ADTC and other group in the medicines advisory structure are noted in this section.  The information contained at this site is issued on the understanding that it is the best available from the resources at our disposal at the time of issue.

Expiry Date or Comments
1.1 Medicines Advisory Structure April 2020
  ADTC and Subcommittees  
2.1 Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee: Terms of Reference December 2018
2.2 Formulary and New Drugs Subcommittee: Terms of Reference November 2018
2.3 Medicines Utilisation Subcommittee: Terms of Reference November 2018
2.4 Therapeutic Subcommittee: Terms of Reference July 2019
2.5 Communications Subcommittee: Terms of Reference May 2020
2.6 Antimicrobial Utilisation Subcommittee: Terms of Reference November 2018
2.7 Safer Use of Medicines Subcommittee: Terms of Reference Under review 
2.8 Prescribing Interface Subcommittee: Terms of Reference June 2020
  Prescribing Management Group (PMG) and Subgroups  
 3.1 Prescribing Management Group: Terms of Reference February 2020
 3.2 Acute Services PMG: Terms of Reference January 2019
 3.3 Primary Care PMG: Terms of Reference March 2018 
 3.4 PMG Finance Subgroup: Terms of Reference February 2020
 3.5 PMG Mental Health: Terms of Reference September 2020
  Formulary Processes  
4.1 Managed Introduction of New Medicines Under review
4.2 Managed Introduction of New Oncology Medicines Under review
4.3 Formulary Appeals and Requests for Formulary Amendments Under review
4.4 Process for conducting a review of a Formulary section  Under review 
4.5 Formulary process for non-prescription medicines and medical devices  Under review 
  Non-Formulary Processes   
5.1 Non-Formulary Prescribing Policy  Under review 
5.2  Management of Individual Patient Treatment Requests (IPTRs)

IPTRs have largely been replaced by the PACS 2 process (see 5.3).  However, IPTRs remain the process for access to medicines not recommended by SMC because of a "non-submission" or where a submission to SMC has not yet been made by the manufacturing company (June 2018)

Guidance on "free of charge" access schemes, which would still require an IPTR is available here (July 2017) 

Individual Patient Treatment Request (IPTR) Appeal process (under review)

Under review
5.3 Peer Approved Clinical System (PACS Tier Two) Policy

For further information about PACS2, including documentation, see HERE

April 2021
5.4 Peer Approved Clinical Systems (PACS Ultra-Orphan) Policy December 2018
5.5 Co-payment Policy for patients recieving aspects of care privately Under review
   Production of Clinical Guidelines  
7.1 Clinical Guidelines Framework Via StaffNet 
7.2 'How To' guides for Clinical Guideline development and Clinical Guideline Title Page Via StaffNet 
7.3  Electronic Checklist for submission of Clinical Guidelines Via StaffNet
7.4  AUC Antimicrobial Guideline Approval Process  May 2021 
  Therapeutics Subcommittee Policies  
8.1 Non-medical Prescribing Policy  June 2019
8.2  Processes related to the Therapeutics Formularies  September 2019
8.3  Therapeutics Sub-Committee Guideline/ Formulary Checklist September 2019
  Unlicensed Medicines   
9.1  Acute Unlicensed Medicines Policy (ULM Policy) Under review 
9.2  ULM Policy Frequently Asked Questions  Under review 
9.3  Expanded Access / Compassionate Use / Named Patient Supply Programmes for Unlicensed Medicines  December 2016 
  Medicines Reconciliation   
10.1  Medicines Reconciliation in Hospital  Under review
  Clinical and Handling of Medicines Policies  
11.1 Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines Policy (Primary Care) Under review 
11.2 Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines Policy (Acute Division) Under review
11.3 Intravenous Flush Policy (Acute Division) December 2017
11.4  Intrathecal Chemotherapy Policy  Under review 
11.5  Policy for Non-Cytotoxic Intrathecal and Intraventricular Injections July 2017
11.5.1 Register of Authorised Non-Cytotoxic Intrathecal and Intracentricular Injections (Feb 2019) -
11.6 Suspected Medicines Defect Policy Under review
11.6.1 Suspected Medicines Defect Reporting Form (for use by acute pharmacy staff)  
11.7 Symptomatic Relief Policy (Adults) July 2019
  Other Medicines Policies  
12.1 Supply of Medicines Following Specialist Review or Clinic Appointments December 2020
12.1.1 Supply of Medicines Following Specialist Review - Additional Guidance for Mental Health December 2020
 12.2 PPSU Medicines Shortages Guidance Via StaffNet