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Greater Glasgow and Clyde Medicines

The following non-medicines formularies have been approved for use within the NHSGGC health board area:


Formulary title Additional Information
Compression Therapy Formulary: Hosiery and Bandages To view the latest version (November 2017) click here
Diabetes treatment accessories

Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strip Formulary. To view the latest version (March 2018) - click here 

Insulin pen needles and lancets - preferred choices. To view the latest version (May 2017) click here

Freestyle Libre - Implementation and Guidance in NHSGGC (June 2018) click here

Gluten-Free Food Formulary To view the latest version (May 2019) click here 

Patients requiring further information about access to Gluten Free products click here

For any queries relating to this formulary please contact: Presupdiet@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Hypoallergenic formula for management of cow's milk allergy in children 
To view the latest version (updated October 2019) click here
Low Protein Food Formulary 
To view the latest version (March 2018) click here
Metabolic Product Formulary 
To view the latest version (March 2018) click here
Oral and Enteral Nutrition Formulary  - Adults and Older Children
To view the latest version (updated May 2019) click here
Oral and Enteral Nutrition Formulary - Infant and Paediatric
To view the latest version (updated March 2018) click here
Stoma Care Prescribing Guideline
To view the latest version (updated November 2017) click here
Urology Formulary The Urology Formulary lists catheters and products recommended for use with catheters which should be used in NHSGGC along with their relevant ordering codes.  


To view the latest version of the Urology Formulary (August 2017) click here
Wound Product Formularies This is a joint formulary for primary care and the acute sector. To view the latest version of the Formulary (December 2018) click here 


Some wound products from the joint formulary have been selected for use in Primary Care as First Line dressings (June 2018) click here
Wound Product Prescribing Information (access from NHS computers only)  Clinical Guideline: Single use negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), wound management, Primary Care (July 2017) click here 


Protocol for the use of NPWT (rental device initiated in acute care) (June 2015 - under review) click here


Unlicensed medicines protocol: Prescribing larvae (July 2019) click here (link only active when accessed via NHSGGC computer network)


SLWG Foam Silicone Characteristics (June 2017) click here


Scottish Government guidance on use of antimicrobial wound dressing (AWDs) click here


NHSGGC antimicrobial wound product specific advice (January 2018) click here