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4 Central nervous system

4.10 Drugs used in substance dependence

4.10.1 Alcohol dependence

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Restricted to specialist initiation only. Use should be in accordance with a historic shared care agreement.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/39075.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist use only.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/3687.htm


Prescribing Notes:

Nalmefene is licensed for the reduction of alcohol consumption in adult patients with alcohol dependence who have a high drinking risk level (DRL), without physical withdrawal symptoms and who do not require immediate detoxification.

Nalmefene should only be initiated if DRL remains high two weeks after an initial assessment and should only be prescribed as part of a full package of care including the provision of continuous psychosocial support by appropriate NHS personnel.  It should also be reviewed regularly. 

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/PHP33532-nalmefene.htm

4.10.2 Nicotine dependence

Preferred list

Prescribing Notes:

Nicotinell® 24-hour patches are the Nicotine replacement formulation of choice. Other Nicotinell® products (i.e. lozenge or gum) can be used alone, or in combination if dual nicotine replacement is appropriate.  If a mini lozenge is required, the first choice is Niquitin Mini®.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/73679.htm#_73679


Restrictions: Restricted to use according to local protocol.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/129834.htm

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4.10.3 Opioid dependence

Preferred list

Restrictions: Excludes Eptadone®.

Prescribing Notes:

The solution strength is 1mg/ ml.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/3701.htm

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BUPRENORPHINE (sublingual tablets)


Restricted to specialist services (Alcohol and Drug directorate and Glasgow Addictions Services).

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/78667.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist services (Alcohol and Drug directorate and Glasgow Addictions Services).

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/3699.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to initiation by Addiction Services and GPs who have received appropriate training and authorisation from Addiction Services. It should only be used for those patients in whom methadone is not suitable and for whom the use of buprenorphine is considered appropriate.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/213815.htm