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Wound management products update

The updated Wound Management Formulary (December 2015) is now available. This provides not only a list of approved products for acute and primary care, but guidance on use.


The Healthcare Improvement Scotland health technology assessment on antimicrobial wound dressings (December 2015) explores the evidence to support the use of antimicrobial wound dressings (AWDs) in treatment of localised wound infection in chronic wounds.  The report highlighted that there is insufficient evidence in terms of quality and quantity to draw conclusions on the use of AWDs. These are non-Formulary in NHSGGC and should be avoided in the absence of signs of infection in chronic wounds. 


Non Medical Prescribing Team Wound Prescribing Report  

The non-medical prescribing (NMP) team has prepared a baseline wound prescribing report intended for all prescribers of wound dressings within GGC.  This will be updated quarterly.  The report aims to promote high quality safe and cost effective prescribing, with a focus on appropriate wound dressing product use. It allows HSCP or GP practices to compare their prescribing trends with NHSGGC use.  Practices may contact the NMP team to arrange a visit to explore their prescribing practice and direct future audit activity.    

For further information please contact the non medical prescribing team via Mandy.Logan@ggc.scot.nhs.uk



Published 18/01/2016