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What antimicrobial guidance should I use?

Current antimicrobial reference sources available for use by healthcare professionals in NHSGGC are:

  • The primary care GP Antibiotics app from the Google or iTunes stores. 
  • The GGC Medicines app (containing the Adult Therapeutics Handbook and the gentamicin / vancomycin calculators).  This has the added advantage of incorporating local antibiotic guidance with broader therapeutics guidance for adults all in the one place. Available from Google or iTunes
  • StaffNet Clinical Guidelines Directory which hosts adult and paediatric antimicrobial guidelines. 


Healthcare professionals within GGC should continue to use these as the key points of reference on antimicrobial prescribing.


The Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group (SAPG) has recently launched a new Antimicrobial Companion app to support antibiotic prescribing.  Information regarding the availability of the app is now being distributed across NHS Scotland. Given the extent of existing information in NHSGG, it has been decided not to incorporate GGC customised information within this app at present.