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UTI prophylaxis in men

One of the current areas of focus in antimicrobial management is appropriate long term use of antibiotics. The Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group has published advice on several areas where local guideline groups have sought clarification. 


Very few, if any, men merit long term prophylactic antibiotics as there is usually an underlying cause such as significant pathology, stones or bladder emptying due to benign or malignant disease. It is rare to find no cause for recurrent UTI in men.


For acute care of UTIs in men, refer to either the Therapeutics Handbook or NHSGGC primary care antibiotic guidance.  


Men being prescribed long term antibiotics for a urinary indication should be reviewed. An attempt to clarify the justification for therapy should be made by reviewing the casenotes and, if necessary, liaising with the relevant hospital specialist team.