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Changes to availability of Tegretol® suppositories

Tegretol Suppositories (125 mg & 250 mg) are being discontinued. All other formulations of Tegretol remain available. 

  • “Carbamazepine Essential Pharma 125 mg & 250 mg Suppositories”, are now available.
  • These products are identical to Tegretol Suppositories in all but name.
  • Prescriptions should be written as  “Carbamazepine Essential Pharma 125 mg Suppositories” or “Carbamazepine Essential Pharma 250 mg Suppositories”
  • Prescribers using the Vision INPS system can find the entry by clicking the All Generics box on the select drug window.
  • For prescribers using EMIS, if the Essential Pharma description is not available select the generic description and then annotate in the dosage instruction Essential Pharma.


Carbamazepine is a medicine with a narrow therapeutic index and there may be concerns amongst healthcare professionals and patients about any change to the product. The Essential Pharma product is identical to Tegretol. There are no changes in the formulation and the site of manufacture remains the same. Patient information is available here.




Published 02/02/2017