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Safety Updates (October 2014)

Information below is specific to the use of medicines in the adult setting.


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PPIs:  Risk of Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI)

There is now further evidence that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) can increase the risk of CDI and consideration should be given to stopping or reviewing the need for PPIs in patients with or at high risk of CDI.

Domperidone:  further restrictions

The MHRA has issued further restrictions on domperidone. Please note: As of Sept 2014, domperidone is no longer available without a prescription.

Ferumoxytol:  serious hypersensitivity reactions

To minimise the risk of serious hypersensitivity reactions with ferumoxytol, the medicine is now contraindicated in patients with any drug allergy.  In addition IV injection is no longer recommended – all doses should be given by infusion over at least 15 minutes.  Local protocols/guidelines for the use of IV iron (if they include ferumoxytol) should be reviewed in light of MHRA advice.

Denosumab:  hypocalcaemia and osteonecrosis

Due to the risk of denosumab-induced osteonecrosis and hypocalcaemia additional monitoring, prior to and during treatment, is now recommended in certain patient groups.