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Safety Alert: MinimsĀ® Unit Dose Eye Drops

The manufacturer has removed the labelling on the Minims unit dose vials. The label previously had an identification code and abbreviated strength printed on the body of the container. The strength is now embossed on the plastic in much smaller (6 point) font which makes it significantly more difficult to distinguish between different formulations.


The company have advised that the unit dose vial should be held against a dark surface to read the markings.


The lack of clear labelling presents a risk for clinicians and for poorly sighted patients who may have an array of Minims to choose from and could select the wrong eye drop.

New packaging

 Minims New pack

Old packaging


Minims old packaging

Bausch and Lomb have confirmed that the change is being implemented across their whole range with an expected completion of July 2016. They will release a statement to inform users of the changes.


The matter has also been passed on to the MHRA.