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Quetiapine MR non-Formulary

Quetiapine modified release (MR) preparations are no longer included in the NHSGGC Adult Formulary as there is a higher cost and a lack of evidence of benefit over the immediate release (IR) preparation.


Quetiapine IR and MR tablets have the same therapeutic effect with similar pharmacokinetic profiles. The MR preparations have higher acquisition cost. For 30 days' treatment, 300mg MR once daily costs £85 while 150mg IR twice daily costs less than £8. Rationalising the use of quetiapine to the IR preparation across NHSGGC could result in savings of up to £765,000 annually.


This change in Formulary status is supported by NHSGGC Mental Health Drug and Therapeutics Committee, Mental Health Interface Group and The Prescribing Management Group for Mental Health.