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PostScript Community Pharmacy (May 2013)

PostScriptCommunity Pharmacy

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This edition contains articles on:

  • CMS Serial Prescriptions
  • CMS Registration Forms
  • CMS Phasing Payments – Checks B,C & D
  • Measles
  • Child Protection—Learn Pro
  • Something Topical….
  • Domiciliary Oxygen – Transfer to Dolby Vivisol
  • Rotigotine Patches
  • Travel Health


CMS Serial Prescriptions


As you will be aware, the Serial Prescription element of CMS is actively being rolled out in all CH(C)Ps in Greater Glasgow & Clyde. When you are discussing CMS with patients, please emphasise that registration for the service does not guarantee that patients will be deemed suitable for a serial prescription element.



Following patient registration, an electronic message will be sent to notify their GP practice. The pharmacist is required to create a Pharmaceutical Care Record and complete the assessment within 3 months.



Once the registration has been received, it’s the responsibility of the GP to determine whether the patient is suitable to receive CMS Serial Prescriptions. We would recommend that community pharmacists have discussions with the relevant medical practices regarding the provision of serial prescriptions for individual patients.


Rotigotine Patches


Rotigotine transdermal patchs (Neupro) have been reformulated and can now be stored at room temperature (up to 25 C). While stocks of the refrigerated formulation are being replaced, healthcare professionals must be vigilant over which Neupro® product they are dispensing, and ensure they are stored appropriately. See medicalinformationuk@ucb.com.


CMS Phasing Payments –Checks B,C & D


Results for NHS GGC and Scotland – percentage of contractors achieving the targets.


Check B

95% of patients registered for CMS up to 31 January 2013 have been assessed by 31 March 2013.


Scotland* 71%


Check C

Completion of a minimum of 4 high risk medicine Interventions by 31 March 2013


Scotland* 73%


Check D

Completion of a minimum of 4 new medicine Interventions by 31 March 2013


Scotland* 72%


Individual feedback will be sent to each contractor in due course.


* approximate


Travel Health


HPS have recently produced Travel health guidance for schools.  

This guidance has been produced primarily for those planning school excursions abroad although much of the information and advice is general and relevant for healthcare professionals providing advice to travelers. It includes useful information on immunisation, malaria prophylaxis, underlying medical conditions, hygiene precautions, bites and sexual health.


CMS Registration Forms


We have recently become aware that PSD have not received all CMS registration forms for patients registered for this service. Please be aware that the regulations require contractors to submit CMS (and MAS) registration forms. Like all services CMS is subject to Payment Verification and the registration forms are included in these checks. Please ensure that all completed CMS registration forms are submitted in a timely manner.


Child Protection - Learn Pro


In the course of their work, community pharmacists and their staff may become aware of child protection issues that cause concern. Although the Board has issued guidance to contractors on child protection issues in the past (details are available on the  Community Care intranet site), staff may wish to complete the specific module on child protection from the LearnPro training site to ensure they are competent to handle such issues within their pharmacy. The LearnPro site contains a significant amount of training material and is accessible to all pharmacy staff The registration process for Community Pharmacists and staff in NHS GGC requires the selection or entry of:


Select – NHS Scotland – NHS GGC – CH(C)P area * – Community Pharmacy *n.b. Glasgow CHP options are split into North West, North East and South sectors


Select – Other therapeutic – Pharmacy – Pharmacy Services

National Insurance number

LearnPro administration assure that their system is secure with full protection of data but if staff have reservations about sharing this information they may use an alternative personal identifier number such as a staff number.



Select – Community Health Partnerships.


Domiciliary Oxygen – Transfer to Dolby Vivisol


Rollout Programme - Update

We can report that there has been significant progress with the transfer to Dolby Vivisol following a delay in the rollout. The information that we have is that a significant number of patients have been transferred. However, we have to be aware that patients may still present in areas showing “100% transferred”.


We would ask oxygen contractors who have not been advised by Dolby Vivisol that they are no longer required to provide the domiciliary oxygen service, to retain any residual stocks of oxygen in the meantime. We have not removed any oxygen contractor from PSD’s list and therefore all oxygen scripts and claims will continue to be paid.

Oxygen patients who have been transferred to Dolby Vivisol and who require further supplies should phone 0800 833531


We are hopeful that the transfer process will be complete by the end of May 13 but this may extend into June 13 in some areas. We also await confirmation of the advice being given to medical practices and will pass this on when it is available.


For general information see here.


Something Topical….


Following Formulary Appeals, the following changes have been agreed by ADTC.

Liquid paraffin 11% cream (Zerobase®)

This has the same positioning in the GGC Preferred List as Diprobase® cream but is a more cost effective choice.

Light Liquid paraffin 12.6% cream (Zerocream®)

This has the same positioning in the GGC Total Formulary as E45® cream but is a more cost effective choice.

Light Liquid paraffin 40% ointment (Zeroderm®)

This has the same positioning in the GGC Preferred List as Hydromol® ointment and is also equivalent to Epaderm® ointment but is a more cost effective choice.

Other Formulary decisions:

Coal tar 6% and lecithin 0.4% cream (Psoriderm®) is included in the GGC Preferred List for the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp. It replaces Alphosyl HC® which has been discontinued.


Please note, Scriptswitch software will be used to highlight the formulary status of these products and growth in prescribing can be expected in the coming months.




You will be aware of the ongoing large outbreak of measles in Swansea with over 900 cases, 70 hospital admissions and the death of a 25 year old male. Other areas of the UK including the North East of England have also seen increasing numbers of cases in recent months.


Uptake of MMR immunisation in Greater Glasgow and Clyde fell slightly following the Wakefield controversy in the late 1990s and early 2000, but has always been higher than immunisation levels in England. The current level of MMR uptake in GGC is over 95%.


Two doses of MMR vaccine give 99% protection against measles. Pharmacy staff should opportunistically remind young people and parents of young children of the importance of MMR immunisation and to emphasise that the course consists of two doses.


In NHS GGC, 4 cases have been confirmed in Renfrewshire but there are no connections between these cases and it is not an outbreak. The Scottish Government are monitoring confirmed measles cases in Scotland and will advise on any further action such as vaccination ‘catch up’ campaigns as necessary. Further information on measles is available here.