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Polypharmacy App

In NHSGGC, inappropriate polypharmacy has been a focus of the Mindful Prescribing Strategy from the ADTC Polypharmacy Subgroup and as well as GP initiatives. The issue has been recognised in Scottish Polypharmacy Guidance 2015.


A new app has been launched to support this work which focuses on the 7-step medicines review process to provide clinicians with guidance at their fingertips in clinical settings or in the community. It features:

  • The 7-steps medicines review process, centred around the individual adult patient
  • Management of high risk medicines and of common high risk situations, eg multiple medicines and risk of falls in older people.
  • Assessing cumulative risk of drug toxicity and adverse drug reactions as the number of a patient’s medicines increase.
  • Numbers Needed to Treat (NNT), to support clinicians in assessing the effectiveness of a medication in reducing risk over a period of time.


IPhone and Android versions of the app can be downloaded via The Knowledge Network Mobile App Library or by searching the iTunes and Google Play app stores.