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Acute Careā€¦..New TrakCare Referral to the Adult Anticoagulation Service

Prior to discharge, a prescriber must refer all patients on, or to be commenced on, warfarin (or acenocoumarol) to the Glasgow and Clyde Anticoagulation Service (GCAS).  This should be regardless of whether:

  • Their anticoagulation is considered stable or not.
  • They had an appointment arranged prior to admission.

GCAS are currently phasing out faxed referrals, and patients on warfarin or acenocoumarol should now be referred electronically via TrakCare.  Patients on Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs eg apixaban, dabigatran or rivaroxaban) should NOT be referred. 

If referred within GCAS office hours (Mon – Fri  9 - 4pm), details of the appointment will be added to the patient’s Clinical Record within one hour and the clinical area will be telephoned with the details;  referrals made outwith these hours, and on public holidays, will be actioned the next working day.  All patients should be seen by GCAS within one week of discharge.

How to make a referral via TrakCare

  • Select ‘New Request’ tab
  • Select the ‘Others’ tab
  • In the ‘Order Item’ space type in ‘anti’ and search.  Select 'Adult Anticoagulation Referral'

Key Points: 

  • Complete the request with as much information as possible as this will aid subsequent monitoring and dosing.
  • Urgent referrals and queries can be made by phoning the GCAS office on 0141 232 0800.
  • If you do not have access to TrakCare, please telephone the GCAS office.
  • Appointment details can be viewed in the ‘other orders’ section of the patient’s Clinical Record.