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New Standardised Supplementary Prescription Charts


A supplementary prescription chart is one which is used in conjunction with the Kardex. Commonly used examples include warfarin, insulin and gentamicin.  There are a number of supplementary charts in use across NHSGGC with multiple variations of individual charts.

With a clinical workforce increasingly moving between sites, lack of standardisation is believed to potentially increase the risk of prescribing or administration errors.  The intention is therefore to harmonise charts where possible and promote a consistent approach across NHSGGC.

The NHSGGC Medicine Prescription Chart Framework advises staff of the effective process for development, review and approval of a new chart.  It will be available soon on StaffNet; in the interim staff can contact lorna.rankine@ggc.scot.nhs.uk for advice.

New Medicines Prescription Chart Homepage on StaffNet

All NHSGGC approved prescription charts, with their associated ordering details, are now listed on StaffNet (accessed via the ‘Clinical Info’ homepage). Examples include:  warfarin, vancomycin and gentamicin. Please ensure that, where appropriate, these charts are available within your clinical area. 

New standardised charts

To minimise confusion as wards merge into the new South Campus, the following 3 prescription charts have been standardised across NHSGGC and approved for use in ADULT patients in clinical areas within Acute.

Fluid chart
• This chart should be used to prescribe parenteral fluids and additives.

Infusion pump chart
• Click here for guidance on how to use the chart.
• Specialised infusion charts such as the palliative care subcutaneous infusion chart, PCA charts or epidural charts should continue to be used; the infusion pump chart does not replace these charts.

Subcutaneous insulin chart
• Click here for guidance on how to use the chart.
• Maternity Services must not use this chart; they should continue to use their current insulin chart.
• As with other supplementary charts, nursing staff should continue to record administration of insulin BOTH on the Kardex and on the new chart (the chart is currently being updated to reflect this policy).

A memo has been issued advising ward managers of the procurement arrangements for the new charts. The charts should be introduced as soon as possible, particularly if the clinical area is affected by the move to the new South.