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Name change from enoxaparin Becat® to Arovi®

Name change from enoxaparin Becat® to Arovi® and availability of 120mg and 150mg pre-filled syringes

Key points:

  • Enoxaparin Becat® is changing its name to Arovi®. This is a name change only –product and device remain the same.
  • This change is due to a mandatory request made by the MHRA in order to comply with the naming regulations for biosimilar products.
  • Products affected:
  • 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg and 100mg pre-filled syringes of enoxaparin Becat® will change to Arovi®.
  • 120mg and 150mg pre-filled syringes will also be available as Arovi®; the plan is to switch the GGC preferred brand from Clexane® to Arovi®.
  • Multidose vials of enoxaparin will remain as the Clexane® brand.
  • Activation of the safety device for Arovi® is the  same as enoxaparin Becat®. After administration of Arovi®, the user must apply additional pressure to the plunger to activate the needle guard until an audible click is heard.
  • A detailed Arovi user's guide is available on the manufacturer’s website (https://www.rovi.es/en/biosimilar-de-enoxaparina).
  • We are expecting to start receiving Arovi® products towards the end of August. There will be a period of time when a number of different enoxaparin brands and devices will be in use.
  • In Acute: enoxaparin should be prescribed generically in order to avoid missed doses. Discharge prescriptions should be endorsed by pharmacy with the brand dispensed at discharge.
  • In Primary Care: enoxaparin should be prescribed by brand name. The brand prescribed at discharge should be continued in Primary Care.  As there will be a delay in adding Arovi® to prescribing systems in Primary Care, enoxaparin Becat® should be prescribed and a note* to the pharmacist added to say – “Please dispense Arovi® if enoxaparin Becat® is unavailable at the same dose and frequency”
  • In Vision - use “Information for Dispenser” field to add note*
  • In EMIS -  use “Pharmacy Text” field to add note*
  • In Community pharmacy: The Community Pharmacy Development Team will notify community pharmacists that Arovi® and enoxaparin Becat® are identical products and may be substituted at the same dose and frequency against a prescription for either depending on stock availability. Prescriptions should be endorsed with the brand dispensed. Enoxaparin brands other than Arovi® should not be dispensed against a prescription for enoxaparin Becat®.

A memo for Acute Services, containing further information regarding ordering, prescribing, administration and supporting materials has been emailed to healthcare professionals (HCPs) across GGC. Information on administration and supporting materials may also be useful for HCPs in Primary Care. 

In Acute, posters and hard copies of detailed user guides for Arovi® are available from hospital pharmacy departments to support staff and patients.  In Primary Care, supplies can be ordered from the manufacturer via Ms Blanca Esteban besteban@rovi.com or uk-medicalinformation@rovi.com.

Published 20/08/18