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MUE 01: Parkinson's disease in acute

 Parkinson's disease in acute care

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It is CRUCIAL NOT TO STOP Parkinson’s Disease (PD) drugs for any significant length of time as there is a risk of Neuroleptic Malignant Like Syndrome (Parkinsonism Hyperpyrexia Syndrome) which may be fatal, as well as causing significant exacerbation of symptoms and patient distress.

Where a patient does not have an individual supply of medicine, access should be made via the pharmacy/ Out of hours pharmacist/ local main holding areas of PD medications across NHSGGC. See Staffnet - clinical guideline electronic resource directory, Central Nervous System, search for Parkinson's Disease Medication Stocklist, Acute Hospitals

“NIL BY MOUTH” patients-alternative routes need to be considered as appropriate. Seek advice from a PD specialist, clinical pharmacist, or medicines information. Refer to NHSGGC PD nil by mouth guidance when PD specialists are unavailable e.g. out of hours

Ensure early referral to the local PD team so medicine administration problems can be prevented before missed doses occur.

(Taken from the full referenced document, see link to PDF above for further detail)