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Message from Pharmacy Public Health re increase in measles in England

Given the forthcoming festive period where individuals may be travelling to and from Scotland, community pharmacists are alerted to the recent steep increase  of measles cases in England in the past month, including North West, Midlands, and South East regions. Although the high uptake of two doses of MMR in Scotland should limit onward transmission a risk remains for any unvaccinated individuals and undervaccinated communities from associated travel to Romania, Italy, Germany, and areas in England affected by ongoing outbreaks.  All travellers to epidemic or endemic areas should ensure that they are fully immunised according to the UK schedule.

Community pharmacists should be aware of the symptoms of measles and refer to GP (or NHS 24 if out of hours) if patients present with:

  • fever (temperature 38ºC or higher) AND;
  • a generalised maculopapular rash AND;
  • either cough, coryza OR conjunctivitis 



Published 20/12/17