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Melatonin Shared Care Agreement for use in children

The Shared Care Agreement (SCA) for melatonin use in children with sleep disturbance has been reviewed and updated to reflect a change in preferred product, with a move away from Bio-melatonin® tablets as a result of recent national effective prescribing cost efficiency recommendations. Formulary products included in the SCA are immediate release 3mg capsules (preferred), Circadin® 2mg SR tablets and melatonin 1mg/ml liquid (available as a ‘special’). Solid dose formulations are suitable for the majority of patients. More details of the licensing status of these medicines can be found in the SCA.

These products allow a variety of doses to be prescribed and can be used in combination to achieve the total daily dose. It is not uncommon to find immediate and sustained release formulations co-prescribed as the combination addresses issues with sleep onset and sleep latency. The immediate release capsules can also be opened and sprinkled on foodstuff where required.


Published 22/11/17