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Infliximab biosimilar

NHSGGC have selected Remsima® as the preferred biosimilar infliximab.  The reference product (Remicade®) will continue to be available and treatment choice will be at the discretion of the clinician.


It is expected that while practice is evolving, existing patients will remain on the original product but biosimilar infliximab should be introduced for new patients. Some key points, applicable to prescribing a biological medicine as stated in the NHS HIS publication, Biosimilar Medicines: A National Framework for Prescribing:

  • prescribe by both approved and brand name 
  • record the brand and batch number in the patient case record 
  • as for all new medicines, adverse drug reactions should be reported through the Yellow Card scheme 
  • clinical outcomes should be measured using established perameters 
  • use of existing clinical registries is encouraged 


Care is advised when prescribing, ordering and administering these products due to the similarity in trade names (Remsima/Remicade).