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Have you heard of Choice and Medication?


Choice and medication is a free resource hosted within NHS Inform for use in NHS Scotland that provides unbiased and user-friendly patient information on medicines used to manage mental health conditions. It is independent from the pharmaceutical industry and its aim is to support individuals to make an informed decision about treatment, with help and advice on mental health conditions and the medication used to treat them.

There are a number of printable leaflet options within Choice and Medication including:

  • Patient information leaflets available in various formats
  • Translated patient information leaflets (currently in 16 languages other than English)
  • Handy charts that discuss treatment options and help compare medications for specific mental health conditions
  • Handy fact sheets on specific medicine issues e.g. clozapine and smoking, QTc prolongation with antipsychotics, extrapyramidal side effects, sleep hygiene, etc

Choice and medication also includes patient information on medications that are used within Mental Health Services out with their marketing authorisation (e.g. metformin for antipsychotic-related weight gain or bupropion for depression) and medications that do not have marketing authorisation within the UK (e.g. pirenzepine for clozapine-related hypersalivation or ziprasidone for psychosis).

It is a useful resource for patients, carers and staff and is invaluable in helping provide clear and accurate information to individuals with mental health conditions to support them making an informed decision about treatment.


Published 04/10/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.