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Guideline News July/Aug 2019

New Adult NHSGGC Guidelines now available on StaffNet

eGFRsupport: Nephrotic syndrome

eGFRsupport: Patients receiving dialysis

eGFRsupport: Renal transplant recipients

HRT and cardiovascular disease


Updated Adult NHSGGC Guidelines now available on StaffNet

Parkinson's Disease - Nil by mouth

Protected antimicrobial policy

Initial management of sepsis

Antibiotic prophylaxis for gynaecological procedures

Antibiotic prophylaxis in GI and breast surgery

Ferinject use in obstetrics

Secondary fracture prevention after hip fracture in women over 75

Suspected DVT in intravenous drug users - Integrated care pathway


SIGN guidelines

British guideline on the management of asthma No 158


NICE clinical guidelines*

Hypertension in pregnancy NG133

Long-acting reversible contraception CG30

Neuropathic pain CG173

Motor neurone disease NG42

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease NG115

Multiple sclerosis CG186

Generalised anxiety and panic disorders CG113

Urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women NG123  


*NICE Guidelines are developed for prescribers in NHS England and Wales and as such may not always follow NHS Scotland prescribing policy e.g. SMC advice.  They should always be used in conjunction with relevant NHSGGC Formulary and Clinical Guidelines.


Published 06/08/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.