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Medicines Update

Glasgow Dental Hospital

Glasgow Dental Hospital (GDH) has reviewed the way in which medicines are supplied to patients, following the publication of the NHSGGC policy Supply of Medicines Following Specialist Service Review or Clinic Appointments.


In line with the policy, clinicians at GDH will either write to the patient’s GP asking them to prescribe any required medicines, or if needed more urgently, the clinician will write a prescription on an HBP pad for dispensing at a community pharmacy. No medicines will be supplied directly to patients unless they are administered in the clinic as part of the patient’s treatment.


Dental practitioners in each speciality will have access to HBP pads for prescribing medication which is required urgently. Prescriptions can be dispensed at any community pharmacy. Community pharmacists should note that dentists based within the Dental Hospital setting may prescribe unusual or specialist medicines which would not normally be prescribed by General Dental Practitioners on GP14.


These Dental HBP pads should not be used for non-urgent out-patient prescribing.  Usage of the pads will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.


This new arrangement for prescribing and supply in the community started in September 2016.



Published 05/01/2017