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GGC Adult Therapeutics Handbook Upgrade

The GGC Medicines App and desktop site software has been upgraded and new versions will go live on 23rd Aug 2016. Users will notice the following improvements:


Mobile Device App

•  Enhanced sub navigation using the "hamburger" menu button to expand subheadings and navigate around long guidelines  (see screenshot )

•  Push notifications alerting users to updates and other useful information

•  Change from purple to a new blue colour scheme

•  Addition of a Creatinine Clearance Calculator for adult patients


Therapeutics Handbook Desktop version

•  Brand new search function within handbook guidelines

•  New look homepage with colour scheme complementing the GGC Medicines App

•  The Creatinine Clearance Calculator is not yet available for desktop users but is coming soon.  Further communication will be issued when this goes live.

Quality control testing has been undertaken on the medical calculators and clinical content of the upgraded software. Every effort has been made to check the information contained in the therapeutic handbook post migration, however should readers identify any problems including issues with hyperlinks then please contact ggc.medicines@ggc.scot.nhs.uk


Published 22/8/2016