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Genuair inhalers: potential safety issue

Unlike many inhalers, the dose counter for Duaklir® (aclidinium/formoterol) and Eklira® (aclidinium) Genuair® products reduce in intervals of 10 inhalations: 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0.


We have become aware of a patient who thought that he was not getting his dose from his Duaklir inhaler because the counter had not moved. His other brands of inhalers had dose counters which reduced by one count each time they were used. He had been taking additional doses trying to get the dose counter to move. Successful inhalation of the dose in indicated by a change of colour in the control window of the inhaler; not by the dose counter reducing. Please ensure that patients are counselled appropriately as patients may not read or are unable to read or understand the PIL and effective counselling may prevent inadvertent overdose.


The information is included in the PIL for Duaklir Genuair and Eklira Genuair



Published 18/01/2016