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Formulary Update - Dry Eyes

Key messages:

  • The Tear deficiency, ocular lubricants, and astringents section of the NHSGGC Adult Medicines Formulary has been updated. Please refer to the Formulary for active ingredients, preservatives and prescribing restrictions. Please also consider ScriptSwitch messages when prescribing.
  • Patients with chronic dry eye conditions should be educated that long-term and regular use of eye lubricants is recommended to achieve maximum benefit.

The changes were the outcome of a formulary section review performed by a multidisciplinary team of ophthalmologists, optometrists and pharmacists and were ratified by NHSGGC Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee (ADTC).


Preferred List

Preferred Formulary choices

No change

Newly added


Clinitas® carbomer

eye gel

(1st choice)


Remains first choice

Hylo-Night® eye ointment preservative free

(Previously known as VitA-POS®)


Preservative free option



Similar to Viscotears® at lower acquisition cost

Xailin Night®


Alternative preservative free preparation


Total Formulary

Restricted Formulary choices

No change

Newly added


Blink Intensive Tears®

(1st choice)


Remains first choice



No change

Ciclosporin (Ikervis®)






Systane Balance®




No longer preferred list

Specialists’ concern over type of preservative used

Evolve carmellose®


Alternative to Celluvisc®

Evolve HA®


Alternative for patients intolerant of Blink Intensive Tears®


Removed from Formulary







Persistent supply issues 



Higher acquisition costs compared to similar preparations 

Optive Fusion® 

Optive Plus® 



For further information on restrictions and prescribing notes (including active ingredients and preservatives) see 




Many of the preparations for dry eye are considered to be medical devices rather than medicines. Preparations listed in the Formulary are all included in Part 3 of the Scottish Drug Tariff (Appliances) and are able to be prescribed on a GP10 prescription.


Published 15/05/2020. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.