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Ensure safe and appropriate use of antibiotics

There are a number of strategies which can be used to ensure the safe and appropriate use of antibiotics.


Current NHSGG&C Primary Care Infection Management Guidance supports the use of adequate doses for the minimum number of days required for the infection type and severity (e.g. 3 day course for uncomplicated female UTI; 5 days for acute bronchitis).  Prolonged course durations increase antibiotic burden.    

It is important that patients take their antibiotic regime as prescribed, and complete the course.  In cases where this is not possible due to tolerability, they should be encouraged to return any unused antibiotics for safe disposal.


Check for antibiotic drug-drug (e.g. macrolides and QT prolongation) or drug food (e.g. tetracyclines) interactions


Become an antibiotic guardian – sign up @ http://antibioticguardian.com/




Published 03/04/2017