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Disulfiram shortage

Disulfiram is used as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic alcohol dependence. There is a current shortage of disulfiram 200mg tablets and further stocks are not expected until October 2017.


NHSGGC has patients being prescribed disulfiram in both primary and secondary care, with patients receiving supplies at varying intervals from community pharmacies, inpatient wards and day units.  Disulfiram is mainly prescribed by doctors specialising in Addiction, as per the Formulary restriction, although some prescribing is done by GPs.


There is no suitable alternative UK licensed product, so the Addictions Service have produced guidance to ensure continuity of treatment during the current shortage. This includes information for prescribers and for pharmacists to ensure appropriate alternatives are prescribed and sourced for dispensing.



Published 23/01/2017

Updated file on actions for shortage inserted at link 03/04/2017

Updated shortages guidance inserted 10/07/17