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Denosumab shared care for osteoporosis

Denosumab 60mg/1mL is a second line drug used in the treatment of osteoporosis to reduce the risk of hip, vertebral and non-vertebral fractures. It is administered as a subcutaneous injection (60mg once every 6 months) into the thigh, abdomen or upper arm. It works by reducing bone resorption, but the specific mode of action is different from that of bisphosphonates. It is of particular value for patients intolerant of or contraindicated for bisphosphonate therapy, patients who have significant renal impairment and patients who require parenteral therapy.


Denosumab is included in the NHSGGC Total Formulary. A shared care protocol (SCP) has been approved for this indication and it is included in the NHSGGC GP enhanced service for Near Patient Testing 2015-16. Specialists will be starting to transfer patients after their next routine appointment.


The SCP does not cover treatments of osteoporosis in men at increased risk of fractures as it is non–Formulary for that indication.




Published 18/01/2016