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Colecalciferol product of choice

Prescribing support teams have been asked to review patients in primary care prescribed 800 units of colecalciferol and ensure that they are prescribed the most appropriate licensed product according to the dosage recommendations in the NHSGGC Guideline - Vitamin D: Prevention and Treatment of Deficiency in Adults available here (on StaffNet).

There is now a licensed 400 unit colecalciferol tablet (Invita® D3 400), therefore, patients who meet the criteria for a prophylactic dose according to the guideline and are unable to purchase this themselves (e.g. those who are institutionalised, frail or housebound or low income families) can be transferred to this product. This provides an adequate dose and releases an efficiency saving.

For patients who meet the criteria for an 800 – 1000 unit dose according to the guideline, the lowest acquisition cost product is Stexerol® D3 1000 unit tablets.  Patients will be switched to this product unless inappropriate.

Scriptswitch messages have been developed to support this initiative.


Published 20/02/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.

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