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 NHSGGC “Ask About Your Medicines” Campaign 2016


The Polypharmacy Patient Information Group launched the “Ask About Your Medicines” campaign in the New Victoria Hospital Patient Information Centre in April 2016. The aim is to encourage patients to know about and understand their medicines, and to ask their local pharmacist, doctor or nurse if they have any questions regarding their medicines.


Up to 50% of prescribed drugs may not be taken as prescribed. There are many reasons for this. The campaign encourages patients to ask simple questions about their medicines:

  • What is the medicine for?
  • What is the best way to use it?
  • What to do if side effects are experienced?


The care of patients with multiple medical conditions is one of the greatest challenges now faced by healthcare providers. To date the vast majority of medical research, guidelines and contractual agreements have dealt with single targets for single disease states, whereas in reality many patients have multiple chronic conditions, requiring multiple treatments. The resulting polypharmacy can be both appropriate and inappropriate and the key healthcare aim for individual patients is to ensure the on-going safe and effective use of their multiple medicines. {Polypharmacy Guidance, Scottish Government March 2015} 

Ask about your medicines