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Addition of silver dressings to Wound Formulary

Antimicrobial dressings should only be used when infection is suspected as a result of clinical signs or symptoms (see The Healthcare Improvement Scotland health technology assessment on antimicrobial wound dressings (December 2015)).

Aquacel® Ag+ Extra and Aquacel® Ag+ Ribbon have been added to the Primary Care Wound Formulary (see NHSGGC Medicines website, here).

Important - prescribe as:

Aquacel® Ag+ Extra

Aquacel® Ag+ Ribbon

+’ must be specified - this denotes the dressing contains surfactant in addition to the silver ions and its presence enhances the antimicrobial and debriding effect of the dressing.

Please note: Other Aquacel® products are available, however, Aquacel®, Aquacel® Ag Extra and Aquacel® Ag Ribbon are NON FORMULARY.


Published 15/03/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.

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