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Blood Glucose Monitoring

Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose

Self monitoring of blood glucose is necessary for patients treated with insulin or other medication with a high risk of hypoglycaemia. The updated NHSGGC Guideline for Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose reflects updates in the recent NICE guidance for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and includes information relevant to the DVLA guidance on Fitness to Drive.


The NHSGGC Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strip Formulary was developed by the Diabetes MCN who undertook a review to compare available meters and testing strips. The Preferred List meters and test strips chosen exceed the international accuracy standard (ISO 15197 (2013)),  are simple to use and offer  substantial savings to the Health Board with packs of test strips costing less than £10 per pack. The Formulary is for use across primary and secondary care settings.


Preferred List Blood Glucose Meters and Strips

Preferred blood glucose meters for adult patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and not on an insulin pump are:


GlucoRx Nexus® system meters and GlucoRx Nexus® strips

There are three device options:

  • Nexus®, the standard device which is easy to read,
  • Voice® provides an audible option for the visually impaired,
  • Mini® a small discrete meter


Glucomen Areo® meter and Glucomen Areo® strips

This is an easy to read and use device. It uses blue tooth technology which allows easy electronic transfer of results.


Initial sample meters will be sent to all practices. Supplies of the preferred meters and starter packs can be obtained by contacting the local representatives.


The lancet devices associated with the meters, Apollo Twist® or Omnican Soft Lance®, are compatible with the Formulary lancets.


Preferred List meters are suitable for use by the majority of patients with diabetes. It is recognised that variation in product choice may occur in specialist areas where there is a clear clinical need for a non-Formulary choice to be made.


Implementation of Formulary preferred list in GP practices is a Prescribing Activity for 2016-17 supported by the Prescribing Teams.  The Team will agree an implementation plan with each practice with the aim of increasing Preferred List compliance. Practices should not accept non-Preferred List meters from drug companies and put existing unused non-Formulary meter packs away out of use.  Full details of meters and how to source them can be found within the Formulary guidance. This information has been shared with community pharmacists.